Cristina, aka l’Italienne. Graduated in political science and international relations, mom of Martina, three spoken languages, event ‘n party planner, expert in the art of the mise en place.

I have been around the event world for over 10 years: I started working to the World Expo Zaragoza 2008 and then as editorial coordinator and event planner for the St. Peter’s Basilica 3D Immersive tour project.

An exciting job among creativity, problem solving and organization!

But then it happens that you move on the other side of the ocean, you have a baby, your little world literally turns upside down and those you believed were just “passions”, end up taking over everything: party planning, aperitif designs, the art of receiving, therefore the art of the mise en place!!

l'Italienne - about

All of the sudden, without even realizing, l’Italienne was magically born. A new me-myself-and-I writing about the beauty of of the art of receiving, of organizing meticulously without erring, of the food well prepared and finely decorated, among suggestions, tips and advices of all sorts!

Well…It is definitely a different blog…Truly unusual, i daresay…But what can i tell?

Je suis L’Italienne!